IntraStromal Keratectomy

ISKE (Intrastromal Keratectomy) is a revolutionary technology. The  internationally patented system uses the ultra-high precision and unique cutting quality of the PocketMaker Ultrakeratome which allows the precise separation of an intrastromal tissue lenticule from the remaining corneal stroma which can be removed easily by a forceps via a small corneal tunnel. The fact that no flap is needed preserves the biomechanical stability of the cornea in comparison to LASIK.

The predictability of pure Femtosecond Laser approaches is comparably low because of the comparably unprecise cutting of the deep pocket by the Femtosecond Laser. The deeper the cut the less predictable is the Femtosecond Laser quality and precision. Below 200 microns the precision of cutting of the PocketMaker is much higher than that of any Femtosecond Laser.

Our new DIOPTEX ISKE-procedure combines the advantages of both worlds: It uses a Femto interface in the PocketMaker for the anterior cut and the traditional PocketMaker technology for the posterior cut.