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The menu item "investments" includes a number of technologies listed under the menu item "products" which are currently being prepared for a spin-out into a separate company. These products destined for spin-out have already been approved as medical devices and have demonstrated their unmatched superiority in the treatment of patients. Our current focus is on the KERALUX technology.

In order to introduce state-of-the-art technologies to the medical care of patients and establish them over the long term, it is not enough to simply offer them. This way neither doctors nor patients learn about new and superior treatment methods, especially as it relates to highly specialised therapies. Most patients are therefore unable to benefit from existing medical progress. Considerable financial investment in marketing, sales and training initiatives is required to communicate this medical progress to doctors and patients, and to train doctors accordingly.

As already described elsewhere on this website, we bear the initial risk ourselves by funding the development of innovative products up to their approval as medical devices and their implementation in standard treatment therapies provided by DIOPTEX. Only when a product has proven in routine use on patients that it is indeed a superior technology and the expectation that it will become the world's leading treatment method is warranted, DIOPTEX will spin out this technology to a new company that is exclusively dedicated to the global use and marketing of this technology. At this stage, investors are given the opportunity to invest in the new business and participate in its growth.

Under the menu items "research & development" and "products", our technologies and their current status are described in detail. If the status is "ready for the market", they can be found under "products". These technologies will shortly be spun out to a new company where the product is then marketed globally, as described above. All these products and their global marketing strategies are protected by international patents.

Projects listed under the menu item "investments" are currently being prepared for a potential spin-out. Investors are invited to register for an investment in these companies and request more detailed information.