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Status: Ready for the Market

Blockchain logistics for access and supply authorization

This development represents a revolution in security technology.

From our research and development on medical security systems, we have developed an internationally patented product that manages and executes absolutely secure access and purchase authorizations using blockchain technology. The product can be adapted to individual needs and enables absolutely secure access controls both online and in the real world. All possible degrees of anonymity can be realized. The time-consuming and annoying management of user names, passwords and even 2-factor authentication are now a thing of the past. Keys of any kind or NFC systems are also part of the real world of yesterday. A simple transfer of a mini-amount in a cryptocurrency to the access control system is enough to grant absolutely secure access. If an NFT that is identified as an access authorization by the security or access system is related to one or more crypto wallets in a particular way, access is granted. Ideally, the crypto wallet is run on a smartphone. An NFT is an absolutely unique digital identity that is used here as access authorization by the access system or access control. It is an absolutely secure yet extremely easy-to-use tool. The picture shows a particular design variant of the system.


Online supply system using blockchain technology

A revolutionary commission management technology.

A special application variant of the patented access system is the innovative commission system that we use for our innovative men's drink Testorro (www.testorro.com). This is an internationally patented drink that can increase testosterone in men in a completely natural way. The drink is only available online. Payment is possible both in the conventional way and using cryptocurrency. When paying by cryptocurrency, the drink can be purchased at a lower price if the customer uses an order code. This order code is linked to a Testorro NFT. Testorro partners explain the drink to customers and provide them with their individual order code for the discounted order. The crypto wallet that has the corresponding NFT automatically receives an agreed commission when a customer makes a purchase. This means that if the NFT is resold to someone else, the new owner, who now has the NFT in their crypto wallet, can continue to receive the commissions for purchases made with the assigned order code (regular customers of the Testorro partner). This means that a Testorro partner can also use the NFT to pass on its customers to a successor. They only need to agree on a price for this NFT. If you would like to apply to become a Testorro Partner, please write to us using the contact form on this website.