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Under this menu item you will find those technologies that have already been approved as medical devices and have proven the most effective therapy by far for medicinal applications (KERALUX, MyoRing, PocketMaker). These technologies should therefore be established as the future standard and as market leaders at the global level.

Under this menu item, you will also find TESTORRO, a technology in the lifestyle and sports sector, which has emerged from our medical research as a sort of ‘by-product’, but which is not really a medicinal product. However, it has demonstrated superior efficacy compared to other competing products available in the market and definitely has the potential to become a global market leader.

The products presented under this menu item are ready for the market and direct candidates for a spin-out into separate companies, where their global marketing can be accelerated. Each product is protected by international patents. A company will only achieve maximum success when it focuses on global marketing initiatives for a core product. This also allows a company to keep its options open for a potential later sale of the company to a large, globally operating group in the field of medicine. These groups usually no longer conduct their own research and development, but accelerate their growth only through acquiring more ‘markets’, i.e. new technologies or companies, once they have gained a certain global market share.