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Status: Ready for the Market

Performance beverage for the natural increase of testosterone levels

During our research on the genesis and therapy of an eye disease called 'keratoconus', we discovered a number of highly interesting mechanisms related to the male sex hormone testosterone.

As a ‘by-product’ of these findings, we were able to develop an internationally patented beverage (TESTORRO) which contains certain concentrations of an ingredient that indirectly and naturally increases testosterone levels in men. The ingredient (Fortidin) consists of a highly specific composition of short-chain fatty acids, each of which naturally occurs in our daily food. They are permitted as food ingredients in the EU and are completely safe for consumption. The increase in testosterone levels has various effects, such as enhancing performance in athletes through ‘natural doping’ or increasing sexual activity in men. It is important to note that this beverage contains no hormones, no anabolic steroids, and no other dangerous substances or substances of concern. Many years of research and development work went into the creation of this performance drink called TESTORRO. Its production has already been established. TESTORRO is ready for consumption and distribution all over Europe: www.testorro.com