Artificial Anterior Chamber

The DIOPTEX PocketMaker Artificial Anterior Chamber (AAC) is a perfect tool for eye banks to prepare high quality corneal transplantation tissue.

The PocketMaker AAC applies the superior PocketMaker corneal cutting technology to the preparation procedure for donor corneas in lamellar anterior keratoplasty or endothelial keratoplasty.

The DIOPTEX AAC stands for most precisely prepared donor corneal buttons for lamellar corneal transplantation characterized by a perfectly smooth transplant interface.

The diameters of the donor corneal button can be choosen from 5 mm to 9 mm with any corneal button thickness between 100 microns and 600 microns.

The PocketMaker as well as the AAC is able to safely perform precise and smooth lammellar corneal pockets as close as 50 micron to the endothelium. As a result of the particular PocketMaker corneal cutting technology, the lamellar cutting procedure is not limited to cuttings parallel to the anterior corneal surface, but may have any desired shape! This may be of advantage in endothelial keratoplasty when preparing the endothelial donor lenticule to avoid peripheral endothelial steps after transplantation by cutting the endothelial donor lenticule parallel to the posterior surface of the donor cornea.