Prior to the launch (birth) of KERALUX the world of ophthalmology knew only large, expensive and heavy UV-A sources with insufficent energy transfer to the cornea.

Keralux is the starting point of a new era in CXL treatment. The patented technology allows smart treatment in every practice with optimized energy transfer to the cornea. It represents the new standard in keratoconus treatment.


The new dimension in Crosslinking

Small, smart, automated, disposable, pay per procedure, optimized energy transfer to the cornea.

Medical benefits

  • Optimized Energy transfer to the cornea.
  • Independent from corneal shape
  • Independent from eye movement
  • Beam diameter: 7 mm to 11 mm
  • Individual beam position
  • Individual irradiation axis
  • Disposable and independent from external power supply
  • Small dimensions and easy to carry
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Protects surgical environment from UV-irradiation
  • Magic Touch Technology
  • No service or maintenance needed (always ready for use) 


Commercial benefits:

  • Pay per procedure.
  • No investment needed.
  • Immediate tax effect (no depreciation).
  • Fits also for low volume keratoconus centers.
  • Almost no training costs.
  • No service and maintainance.
  • Small and easy to carry - usable anywhere.
  • Independent from external power supply - usable anywhere.
  • Effective order and delivery service. 

Other Specifications:

Wavelength 365 nm ± 10 nm
Energy 5.4 J/cm2
Light emission continuous
Illumination diameter adjustable from 7 mm to 11 mm
Electric power no external power needed
Dimensions Height 90 mm, Diameter 24 mm
Weight 47 - 55 g