The internationally patented DIOPTEX Presbyopia cornea insert MFC is currently under development and can be used for surgical presbyopia treatment. The MFC (Multi Focal Cornea) Inlay restores the reading ability of patients suffering from age-related farsightedness (Presbyopia) by reshaping reversibly the normal cornea into a multifocal cornea.

In other words, the reshaped cornea has the properties of "progressive glasses" without wearing "progressive glasses".

Pilot Study: On the right (top) one can see the topographical difference between the preoperative and postoperative situation. The picture clearly shows that the required addition of some 2.5 dioptres for multifocal near-vision can be established by that most innovative technology. The other picture on the right (bottom) shows, how the eye looks like under the surgical microscope at the end of the surgery (end of the video). The circular line inside the pupil defines the border between the near-vision and distance-vision zone. The inlay is not visible because it is so tiny (0.3 mm) and hidden behind the corneal light reflex. The distance-vision zone is located between the near-vision zone border and the margin of the pupil. The treatment is quick and easy to perform and absolutely painless and reversible.

postop - preop

The inlay is not transparent in order to avoid scattering effect and glare from the cornea-inlay interface. Although the MFC inlay represents physically an optical obstacle when placed into the optical Center, it does not significantly affect the vision because of its small size of 0.3 mm only!