The internationally patented PocketMaker Ultrakeratome represents a true milestone and opens a new era in corneal cutting. Thousands of uneventful treatments during the past 13 years demonstrate the extremely high precision and safety of the device. The particular design allows full visual and interventional control during the entire cutting process. The PocketMaker is so precise and reproducable, that the surgeon can safely cut as close as 50 ┬Ám to the endothelium!

The following video shows the correct use of the PocketMaker for corneal pocket creation:


The innovative technology of the PocketMaker stands for many unique features of the device:

Sterilizable micromotor: The only sterilizable micromotor worldwide to drive the vibration micro-engine.

High-end diamond technology: Ultra-thin and ultra-sharp diamond blade with cutting edges sharpened on an atomic level. This unique diamond guarantees perfect cutting interfaces. The following pictures taken immediately after cutting show the superficial cutting quality of the PocketMaker compared to the femtosecond laser. The cut of the PocketMaker is so smooth that it is not even visible.

corneal pocket using Femtosecondlaser technolo
corneal pocket using
PocketMaker Ultrakeratome diamond technology
PocketMaker Ultrakeratome
diamond technology

Ultra-high precision: Micron-level cutting technology allows exceptional cutting precision. A related study, where corneal pockets of 9 mm in diameter at 300 microns intended depth were created, demonstrated a cutting depth precision of exactly 300 microns in average 3 days after the procedure (OCT measurements). The following table shows the statistics of the cutting depth study 1 and 3 days after surgery. The following picture shows the central cutting depth of the pocket 3 days after surgery for each individual cornea. No other surgical device can compete with this precision.

High precision cutting technology: The extremely precise micron-level cutting technology allows to cut as close as 50 microns to the endothelium with perfect smooth cutting interface. The hand-piece with a unique blade  technology and the superior vibration micro-engine is not fixed to the suction ring. This design allows full interventional control at every stage of the cutting process. This is an important safety feature which avoids complications even in the rare case of suction loss during cutting.

Transparent disposable applanator with integrated magnification lens: Allows full visual and interventional control at any time during the surgical procedure.

Corneal-shape optimized suction ring: Provides a very simple selection of suction
ring dimension. About 90 % of the eyes can be treated by the surgeon with only one suction ring dimension.

Revolutionary new blade-bonding technology: Allows thousands of sterilization turns with one blade only.

In-process exchangeable applanator technology: Allows the creation of two overlapping corneal pockets and the separation of an intra-corneal tissue lens for the treatment of myopia (Application: ISKE - Intrastromal Keratectomy).

Inverse Femto Formula 1: The deeper the cut the lesser the quality of femto cutting. The high quality of the PocketMaker's cutting is independent from the cutting depth!

Inverse Femto Formula 2: Folds and scars in the cornea reduce the quality of cutting in femto technology (incomplete corneal cuts). The most precise PocketMaker diamond cutting quality is not affected by folds and scars in the cornea!
Unlimited corneal cutting depth!

Universal Cutting Shape Technology (UCST):
Allows cutting of pockets of any  shape and, therefore, the individualization of endothelial keratoplasty by cutting even parallel to the individual posterior corneal surface to avoid peripheral steps at the transplant borders as a source of transplantation failure.

Compact Integrated Technology (CIT): Compact device. Easy to carry. The entire
device ready for surgery can be carried in a small case.





Artificial Anterior Chamber

PocketMaker Artificial Anterior Chamber (PAAC): The PAAC for high-precission DALK and endothelial keratoplasty is the perfect tool for eye banks to prepare high quality tissue for corneal transplantation. It uses the same unique cutting technology as the PocketMaker Ultrakeratome itself. This offers the surgeon several unique surgical options such as

-cutting of the endothelial transplant parallel to the individual posterior corneal surface in order to avoid peripheral steps as a source of transplant failure

-cutting at least as close as 50 microns to the recipients endothelium in DALK which offers, together with the perfect cutting interface from the superior diamond cutting technology, best results from an easy to perform procedure.

PocketMaker Incision Control

Allows limitation of the corneal pocket incission to any width between 2 an 5.5 mm. This feature can be helpful in various situations when the incision is required to be very small.

Trephination Depth Delimiter

The PocketMaker Trephanation Depth Delimiter Technology allows precise punching in Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty to the level of the pocket.