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What we do

We conduct research at the highest international level and develop outstanding medical technologies which, owing to their superiority, provide by far the most effective treatments for the relevant disease. Once the innovation is ready for the market and has proven itself in medical use on humans, we spin out the technology to a separate company and subsequently offer investors a share in its global growth.

The starting point of our developments is always the physician‘s desire to provide patients with the best possible treatment, and the acknowledgement that existing conventional therapies are unsatisfactory and inadequate.

Since our technologies are predominantly related to the field of ophthalmology, our prime goal is to prevent blindness and restore the patient's vision in the best possible manner.

Our current research and development activities are presented under the menu item "research & development". The market-ready and clinically proven products are found under the menu item "products". Those market-ready products which have already demonstrated their superiority over existing standard treatments in a routine care setting on humans and which are currently being prepared for spin-out into a separate company are listed under the menu item “investments“.

These highly elaborate, complex and expensive research and development activities, which are intended to lead to the medical use on humans, and all associated financial risks are funded by DIOPTEX. The main sources of funding include: DIOPTEX shareholders, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS), revenues from the sale of products as well as contract research and development services provided to third parties.

For a global implementation, which means bringing this medical progress to affected patients worldwide via doctors and clinics, additional capital and a specialised company which is exclusively responsible for global marketing of the successful technologies are needed. DIOPTEX itself is a research and development company specialised in developing a range of different technologies aligned to different market conditions. The company is therefore not in a position to optimally distribute the different technologies worldwide within DIOPTEX. This is why the successful technologies, once ready for the market, are spun out into a separate specialised company so they can be successfully implemented on a global scale. These spun-out companies are exclusively dedicated to the worldwide marketing of the superior DIOPTEX technologies under the protection of international patents. In this context, we offer different investor groups the opportunity to invest in these specialised companies in order to participate in their success. An investment in these companies is not only financially profitable for investors. It also helps people recover from illness and restores the vision of people suffering from de facto blindness. Since spreading the use of this technology through training, production, quality management and maintenance of a medical device licence is a very costly undertaking, the maintenance and dissemination of a medical technology without a profit-oriented global distribution system will not work.

Cutting-edge medical devices

The process of creating a modern medical device, ranging from research and development to its successful application on humans, including long-term results and patent protection, takes a very long time (8 - 12 years) and is extremely expensive. As this phase involves the biggest financial risk, we provide the funding ourselves. We have the knowledge, the experience and the competence to properly assess this risk for us and to master the complex challenges ahead.

The next step is to launch an aggressive global marketing initiative, which again is associated with a high financial burden (investment). Unfortunately, the clinical use of a medical device is no longer possible without covering the associated costs through a global distribution scheme. In order to secure the financing of such a product in the long term and offer treatment to patients at a reasonable price, the product has to be manufactured in sufficient quantity. As the launch of aggressive global marketing initiatives for a product is likely to result in a high growth potential with good financial returns, we are able to encourage external financiers to make an investment in the global marketing phase, who with great certainty can expect a return of funds within a comparatively short timespan. The relatively uncertain, expensive and lengthy development process is then already completed and no longer needs to be financed.

Of course, there are also projects in the development pipeline that have emerged from a good idea, but cannot be successfully implemented in the market for technical, medical, or commercial reasons. Only products that have already demonstrated in routine clinical use in humans that they can be established in a global market as the leading application or therapy will be able to proceed to the phase of accelerated global marketing, where external investors are encouraged to make an investment.